360° mini prism, 50 mm high, 40mm diameter.

1/4 inch male & female thread top & bottom.

ATR range approx. 400m.  Distance range up to 1,000m.

Leica constant +28.4mm. Trimble constant -6.0mm.

Weight: 100 grams.


***For Trimble users, issues can occur if copper-coated prisms with anti-reflection coating are used with SX Series instruments.

While there is no issue with the copper coating, the anti-reflection coating on the front of the prism is optimised for Leica EDMs which use a wavelength at 0.85µm and 0.66µm, as opposed to the wavelength of the Trimble SX Series EDM, which is at 1.55µm, thus the front reflection is larger.