Ø 25 mm mini prism, fits Leica spigot. Height matches Leica prisms.

Height matches Leica prisms. Leica constant +17.5mm. Trimble/Topcon constant -16.9mm.

Silver prism coating optimised for Trimble EDM wavelength.

Positive clamping screw for reliable horizontal pointing.  Vertical axis clicks to prevent accidental tipping.

Weight 115 grams.


Explanation of Silver Coating

***For Trimble users, issues can occur if copper-coated prisms with anti-reflection coating are used with SX Series instruments.

The anti-reflection coating on the front of copper coated prisms is optimised for Leica EDMs which use wavelengths of 0.85µm and 0.66µm.

 The wavelength of the Trimble SX Series EDM is 1.55µm thus the return signal is stronger with silver coating.