About Us

GeoDirect has been significant in assisting surveying and construction companies achieve excellent results for over thirteen years. Most of our full-time staff have direct knowledge of the surveying industry and can help you identify particular requirements for particular jobs. We aim to provide quality products that meet industry surveying needs.

An important goal for GeoDirect is to continue to be an essential ingredient in the success of both the construction and surveying industries. GeoDirect will strive to meet your needs immediately. If unable to do this, GeoDirect will find the most expedient way to solve the problem. Clear communication and having a pleasant, helpful and supportive attitude is another goal for improving the effective and efficient delivery of services and products to our clients.

With friends and colleagues within the surveying industry a need to provide a national local supply of the products was identified. GeoDirect was founded in 2004.

This website has the capacity for you to place an order for a product any time day or night. If you prefer, competent GeoDirect staff will happily complete phone orders or make adjustments to your website order as necessary.